Barbie Touch and Feel: My Pets Review

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Barbie Touch and Feel: My Pets is a book in the Children genre written by Dorling Kindersley Publishing. The book was published by Dorling Kindersley Children on 2003-02-01 and contains 12 pages. The book has an ISBN number of 978-0789492326. Our users found the overall impression of this book to be Educational.

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Plot/Execution 7.0
Structure 8.0
Writing Style 7.0
Enjoyability 8.0
Overall 7.0
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A nice fun book with interactive elements.

User Ratings

Plot/Execution 7
Structure 8
Writing Style 7
Enjoyability 8
Overall 7
Impression: Educational

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This is another of my Nieces favourite books and it features “touch and feel” fur and skin as well :). The main draw of this childrens title is the touch and feel nature of the book but as an added bonus this book also appeals to girls as it features Barbie.

This book is not very long as it features only 10 pages of which you really only have 5 animals...a rabbit, a dog, a horse, a cat, and a fish to interact with. The neat thing about this short book is that my niece reads and plays with it several times and does not get bored. She feels the dogs nose, the rabbits soft fur or the scales on the fish over and over again and never gets bored :)

On each page of the book Barbie tells your child to pet the rabbit etc and the book features nice colourful and bright pages with barbie in various poses. The authors kept the words to a minimum as to not confuse your child.

Overall the book is pretty good but I do wish it was longer and had a few more animals.

Review Posted By Gamerdude On 2011-04-02 At 18:33:13

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