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Shaq Vs. is a television show in the Reality genre starring Shaquille O'Neal, Mike Goldberg, and Kit Hoover. The tv show first appeared on air on 2009-08-18. Our users found the overall impression of this television show to be Funny. The tv show's official site can be found at

Overall TV Show Ratings

Story/Execution 8.0
Visuals 8.0
Music 6.0
Sound Effects 7.0
Acting/Performance 10.0
Enjoyability 9.0
Overall 8.0
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Shaq Vs. is fun for the whole family

User Ratings

Story 8
Visuals 8
Music 6
Sound Effects 7
Acting 10
Enjoyability 9
Overall 8
Format: Television (HD)
Impression: Funny

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This show has a very strange premise - NBA Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal challenges swimmers, boxers, singers, chefs, spellers, food eating contestants, etc. and tries to beat them at their specialty.

Naturally, the challenges are slightly modified to keep everything interesting and to give Shaq an actual shot at winning. To be honest, based on the premise I wasn't expecting much, but since Shaq has always been one of my favorite athletes I thought I would tune in and see what the show was all about.

I was pleasently surprised to find the show enjoyable, much to Shaq's credit. If it was any other person issuing these challenges I doubt the show would be as fun to watch. I watched all of this seasons episodes and even though Shaq lost the majority of them I was still entertained. This is a great show the whole family can enjoy.

Review Posted By zoomba On 2010-09-10 At 17:22:42

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