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Britain's Got Talent is a television show in the International genre starring Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, and Amanda Holden. The tv show first appeared on air on 2007-06-09. Our users found the overall impression of this television show to be Exciting. The tv show's official site can be found at

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Story/Execution 8.0
Visuals 8.0
Music 8.0
Sound Effects 8.0
Acting/Performance 8.0
Enjoyability 8.0
Overall 8.0
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Nice version of the "Got talent" franchise

User Ratings

Story 8
Visuals 8
Music 8
Sound Effects 8
Acting 8
Enjoyability 8
Overall 8
Format: Television (SD)
Impression: Exciting

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I have been watching this series on youtube after watching this years Americas got talent. I really enjoyed this uk version as it features not only Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, but also the great Amanda Holden.

The truth is Simon Cowell really makes this version better than it's USA counterpart. Cowell adds his usual witty rude remarks and it just adds to the shows dynamics.

The show follows the same format as the American show...each week contestants compete to try to win. The prize differs though as the UK version features a grand prize of $100,000 pounds and a chance to perform in front of the Queen.

I also like the variety of acts on the show and the hosts are funny as well. This is a great show and I recommend anyone who enjoys the American version to check it out :)

Review Posted By Mighty Mouse On 2010-09-21 At 18:15:40

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