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Restaurant: Impossible is a television show in the Cooking genre starring Robert Irvine, Vanessa De Leon, and Taniya Nayak. The tv show first appeared on air on 2011-01-19. Our users found the overall impression of this television show to be Exciting. The tv show's official site can be found at

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Story/Execution 8.0
Visuals 8.0
Music 8.0
Sound Effects 8.0
Acting/Performance 8.0
Enjoyability 8.0
Overall 8.0
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A nice alternative to Kitchen Nightmares.

User Ratings

Story 8
Visuals 8
Music 8
Sound Effects 8
Acting 8
Enjoyability 8
Overall 8
Format: Television (SD)
Impression: Exciting

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I decided to give this show a watch the other day as I was browsing food network and I was pleasantly surprised.

The basic premise to the show is that world renown chef Robert Irvine travels to various failing restaurants and renovates and relaunches them in order to make them profitable again. This is a very familiar concept to anyone who has ever enjoyed Kitchen Nightmares by Gordon Ramsay or another show called Restaurant Makeover.

Chef Irvine is the perfect host for the show as he keeps everything entertaining while giving constructive criticism to the restauranteurs. In the episode I watched he completely redid a restaurant with a budget of only 10,000. This was quite a feat as he had to tear out all the carpet, hire an executive chef and completely repaint the restaurant. This was very entertaining to watch and was also pretty exciting especially when Irvine was aggravated.

The visual and sound of the show were all excellent, although I wish that I could have watched the show in HD instead of standard definition.

Overall this is a very nice reality/cooking show and I recommend it to anyone who wants a non swearing version of Kitchen Nightmares.

Review Posted By TVjunky On 2011-05-15 At 18:43:18

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