Beat It Review

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Beat It is a song by Michael Jackson in the Rock genre. It was released in 1982 by the Epic Records label. The artist's official site can be found at

Overall Music Ratings

Vocals 10.0
Lyrics 9.0
Sound Quality 10.0
Rhythm/Beat 10.0
Enjoyability 10.0
Overall 10.0
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Beat it...just Beat it yeah.

User Ratings

Vocals 10
Lyrics 9
Sound Quality 10
Rhythm/Beat 10
Enjoyability 10
Overall 10

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This is a classic. One of the best songs of all time and by the King of Pop Michael Jackson. This song has a very upbeat catchy rhythm and features great lyrics as well.

The way Michael starts the song off slow and then kicks it up into overdrive is awesome. The music video is also quite amazing and I recommend anyone who has not seen it to watch it ASAP.

Fantastic song!

Review Posted By TVjunky On 2010-09-08 At 17:26:57

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