Viva la Vida Review

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Viva la Vida is a song by Coldplay in the Pop genre. It was released in 2008 by the Capitol label. The artist's official site can be found at

Overall Music Ratings

Vocals 9.0
Lyrics 10.0
Sound Quality 9.0
Rhythm/Beat 10.0
Enjoyability 9.0
Overall 9.0
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An excellent song with great lyrics and a great melody

User Ratings

Vocals 9
Lyrics 10
Sound Quality 9
Rhythm/Beat 10
Enjoyability 9
Overall 9

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This is one of my favorite songs by Coldplay. Viva la Vida was actually jointly written by all of the group members. For those wondering, Viva la Vida literally translates to "long live life" and its lyrics contain many religious references.

My favorite part of this song is the chorus – the haunting melody combined with the excellent violin playing make it extremely memorable. The lead singer also has a very understated voice which fits this song perfectly – it doesn't get in the way of the melody which is a very good thing. I don't normally listen to this kind of music, but the melody is just so amazing that I made an exception.

Review Posted By Jordan23 On 2011-03-11 At 23:53:58

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