Shoot For The Stars Review

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Shoot For The Stars is a song by Dwight Howard in the Childrens genre. It was released in 2010 by the Razor & Tie label. The artist's official site can be found at

Overall Music Ratings

Vocals 4.0
Lyrics 8.0
Sound Quality 8.0
Rhythm/Beat 7.0
Enjoyability 6.0
Overall 6.0
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A lackluster performance by Dwight Howard, but an okay song overall

User Ratings

Vocals 4
Lyrics 8
Sound Quality 8
Rhythm/Beat 7
Enjoyability 6
Overall 6

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This song is from Dwight Howard's debut album of the same name. That's right, I said Dwight Howard - one of, if not the, best center currently active in the NBA. One of my friends mentioned that Dwight Howard had released a CD so, since I'm a fan, I decided to check it out.

Luckily, he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously as a recording artist. Also, all of the songs are meant for a younger audience so I am not exactly the target demographic for this CD or this song in particular.

The melody of the song is fairly good, and the backup singers are really good. The lyrics and message of the song are, as expected, very positive as well. Unfortunately, you can't hear much of Dwight during this song. It kind of seems as though he mumbles his way through the performance and his voice is greatly overshadowed by the background singers. I know this isn't going to sound very nice, but I didn't find that to necessarily be a bad thing.

However, I have to give Dwight props for putting himself out there and reaching out to his younger fans with a positive message. Also, part of the proceeds from the album benefit the BETA center in Orlando. If you have some "young basketball fans" in the family they might get a kick out of hearing Dwight Howard sing (as I'm sure even some older basketball fans might find it interesting as well). But overall, I have heard better and more catchy songs on Backyardigans - so I would recommend one of those instead :).

Review Posted By Jordan23 On 2010-11-08 At 21:56:34

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