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The Prince of Egypt is a Animation movie starring Val Kilmer, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Sandra Bullock. The movie was directed by Simon Wells, Steve Hickner, and Brenda Chapman and released by the DreamWorks Animation studio on 1998-12-18. The movie has an MPAA Rating of PG (Parental Guidance). Our users found the overall impression of this film to be Educational. The movie's official site can be found at

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Plot 7.0
Visuals 4.0
Music 2.0
Sound Effects 5.0
Acting 2.0
Enjoyability 6.0
Overall 8.0
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The Prince of Egypt

User Ratings

Plot 7
Visuals 4
Music 2
Sound Effects 5
Acting 2
Enjoyability 6
Overall 8
Format: DVD
Impression: Educational

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This movie was a very comprehendible version of the tale of Moses, mostly directed at younger viewers but also great for older viewers who need a simplified version. This movie was directed by Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, and Simon Wells. They did a wonderful job creating a simple, easy to understand version of the tale of Moses, for some people the verse in the bible is hard to imagine but the directors did a great job. They consulted with about 600 religious followers to make the motion picture as correct as possible. For most Christian families the importance of following the bible is indescribable, so this film makes it easy to pass on the biblical story to your kids so that they understand what they are following.

The 2 main characters were definitely Moses and Rameses who were raised as brothers neither knowing that Moses was not born into royalty. Moses reminds me of any adopted kid because when adopted children find out they were not born into their family they lash out. In the movie Moses is voiced by Val Kilmer and Rameses is voiced by Ralph Fiennes. The two were trouble making brothers growing up, creating mischief like per say knocking a nose of a statue. They were kin until Moses found out he was adopted forcing him to realize that he was treating his people as slaves. Then when confronting his brother about the mistreatment of slaves he realizes that his so-called family shows no remorse for Hebrews.

In the beginning Moses is just as bad as his Egyptian family when it comes to the mistreatment of Hebrews. Moses was under the impression that he was also Egyptian but after chasing Tzipporah he runs into his long lost Hebrew sister who shows him the truth through song. In the middle Moses is long gone from Egypt and in the desert with Tizipporah’s tribe. Moses becomes a Sheppard and when on duty he gets a message from a burning god aka God telling him to free the Hebrews. In the end Moses goes back to Egypt in order to free his people. Rameses has become hard, he refuses to free the Hebrews until Egypt gets the 10 days of plagues.

The main theme of this movie is doing what’s right. Moses could have given up, he was not a slave for a while. He could have just left his people to fend for themselves and told God to shove it but he didn’t. Moses did what was right and defended his people with Gods mighty stick. I think the message is to do what’s right even if there are some obstacles like the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

I think The Prince of Egypt is like the movie Cow Belles. The reason it is alike is because Moses thoughtless of the Hebrews before he found out he was one which made him no better. Taylor and Courtney in Cow Belles caused a house fire that made it so they had to work in their fathers factory, before they had been thoughtless to people under them. All of them learned that they are no better than anyone else. They all went through different experiences that led to the same conclusion, you are no better than anyone else; you are all people not lesser.

I would apply this to life by comparing how Tzipporah had no rights over the claim of her body to Mitt Romney trying to outlaw abortion and birth control. Tzipporah was being sold to Rameses who decided to give her to Moses as a gift, she had no choice what happened to her she was going to be used for whatever they wanted. Mitt Romney was against abortion and birth control, he wanted to take away a women’s right to do what she wants with her body. That would have been a big back step in the rights of women, way back then in Egypt women were used for whatever their owners wanted. If I was sold to Moses I would have done the same thing Tzipporah did, escape.

I thought this movie was a good interpretation of the biblical story, it was very comprehendible. I would recommend it to Christian parents trying to teach their children about the stories out of the bible. It was a cartoon and enjoyable, It wasn’t too childish so older viewers can enjoy too. The overall movie was enjoyable, probably even more so for younger viewers. I would not recommend this movie for non religious people and Satanists.

Review Posted By shanahc97 On 2012-11-18 At 22:47:53

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