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The Expendables is a Action Adventure movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, and Jason Statham. The movie was directed by Sylvester Stallone and released by the Millennium Films studio on 2010-08-13. The movie has an MPAA Rating of R (Restricted). Our users found the overall impression of this film to be Pointless. The movie's official site can be found at

Overall Movie Ratings

Plot 1.0
Visuals 8.0
Music 7.0
Sound Effects 8.0
Acting 7.0
Enjoyability 5.0
Overall 5.0
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The expendables are "expendable"

User Ratings

Plot 1
Visuals 8
Music 7
Sound Effects 8
Acting 7
Enjoyability 5
Overall 5
Format: Movie Theatre
Impression: Pointless

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This movie is a pretty generic action flick with many famous action movie actors. It features a group of dudes who are out to do a lot of damage and killing everywhere they go. The movie features a lot of action, gore, violence and great special effects. The story basically involves Bruce Willis assigning a job to the group to overthrow a government and yes a girl has to be saved (yes it is a tired cliche) . The movie also features some nice hand to hand combat, but you will be displeased about a few points. First, the actors are all aging quite bad and cant really do the same moves that they used to in the past, the plot is not original and can be quite boring. The movies storyline is unimaginative and uninspiring and not really funny even though it tries to just features way to many cliches.

I do wish that they had more of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film (he appears for all of 2 minutes it seems). Overall a typical brain dead action flick, but if that is what you want they see this movie :)

Review Posted By movieJoe On 2010-09-08 At 03:55:10

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