Forza Motorsport 3 Review

Information At A Glance
Forza Motorsport 3 is a Xbox 360 game in the Driving genre. The game was published by Microsoft Game Studios and developed by Turn 10 Studios. The game has an ESRB Rating of E (Everyone 6+) and was released on 2009-10-27. The game's official site can be found at

Overall Game Ratings

Graphics 10.0
Sound 6.0
Gameplay 9.0
Replay Value 8.0
Enjoyability 9.0
Overall 8.0
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Best simulation so far..

User Ratings

Graphics 10
Sound 6
Gameplay 9
Replay Value 8
Enjoyability 9
Overall 8

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I have spent well over 80 hours playing this game and I still love every minute of it. I have not reached 100% in the game as of yet as I still need another 20 hours or so to get to that goal :)

This game has amazing graphics and gameplay...all the details of the cars are perfect and the tracks are really beautiful. The gameplay cosists of a satisfying career mode along with some nice online racing. This game is simlar to Forza 2, but improves upon it in all areas for a better experience overall.

If I have to say one negative thing about the game it would be the music. I wish they would have used licenced artists as the music selection for this game is really poor. Forza 2 has infinitely better music than this game :(

Overall awesome should pick it up if you are a racing fan.

Review Posted By Gamerdude On 2010-09-11 At 02:06:33

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