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VVVVVV is a PC game in the Platformer genre. The game was published by Terry Cavanagh and developed by Terry Cavanagh. The game has an ESRB Rating of RP Rating Pending and was released on 2010-01-11. The game's official site can be found at thelettervsixtim.es.

Overall Game Ratings

Graphics 10.0
Sound 10.0
Gameplay 10.0
Replay Value 10.0
Enjoyability 10.0
Overall 10.0
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VVVVVV is as interesting as its unique name!

User Ratings

Graphics 10
Sound 10
Gameplay 10
Replay Value 10
Enjoyability 10
Overall 10

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I just found out about the Humble Bundle #3 which is a charity created by various game developers in order to raise money for the Childs Play charity.

This is a fantastic idea which allows both Linux and Windows gamers to come together to raise money for a good cause and it is a great deal on great games.

In this bundle I received a game with quite an interesting name called VVVVVV, yup just 6 letter V's lol. Immediately I was drawn to the graphic style (which is retro 8 bit) and the absolutely amazing soundtrack by Magnus Palsson.

The basic premise of the game is that you are a captain named Viridian of a spaceship that somehow encounters a type of spacewarp that places you in another dimension and forcing you to rescue your crew which somehow went missing due to the spacewarp/timewarp. I didn't really pay much attention to the story if I am completely honest as the story is not that important to the game.

In VVVVVV as I said above the story really isnt all that important as the core gameplay is really what this game is all about. In the game you control Viridian using the arrow keys and the spacebar/enter key on the keyboard to jump and interact. The intuitive controls let you easily guide him trough puzzle like levels by the use of interesting move-sets like running, gliding, jumping and floating from the floor to the ceiling of each separate area of the level.

The game is a bit frustrating at times, but you will keep trying to get past each section as the developer (Terry Cavanagh) cleverly chose to place checkpoints right before and after each tricky section to make this process easier. :) The music will draw you in and the graphics (although retro) are quite colorful and unique.

I definitely recommend the Humble Bundle and especially VVVVVV as it made the bundle fantastic :)

Review Posted By Gamerdude On 2011-07-26 At 18:08:16

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