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Mario Kart 64 is a Nintendo 64 game in the Driving genre. The game was published by Nintendo and developed by Nintendo EAD. The game has an ESRB Rating of E (Everyone 6+) and was released on 1997-02-10. The game's official site can be found at

Overall Game Ratings

Graphics 9.0
Sound 8.0
Gameplay 10.0
Replay Value 10.0
Enjoyability 9.0
Overall 9.0
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A very good successor to the great SNES Mario Kart

User Ratings

Graphics 9
Sound 8
Gameplay 10
Replay Value 10
Enjoyability 9
Overall 9

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This game may not be as revolutionary as the original Mario Kart on Super Nintendo but it is a very nice follow up. Everything about this title screams Nintendo. All the mascots are present and a few new ones have been added since the SNES such as Wario. New tracks were added and the graphics were brought to the third dimension.

The graphics and sound are both excellent but not mind blowing. The sound can become a bit repetitive however and you will hear Mario and the other characters repeating the same phrases over and over again.

The gameplay is standard Mario Kart fare, not much was still have 50CC, 100CC and 150CC classes and the higher the class the more difficult the gameplay. You can race across sixteen tracks. You also have a nice verses mode where you can battle a friend and the cpu in races to see who is the best :) Also, Nintendo added a battle mode similar to the SNES game where you have 3 balloons attached to your kart and you must protect them vs the cpu or a friend. These modes are all very fun.

The one negative about this game is that the difficulty is a bit on the easy side, so veteran Mario Kart racers will breeze through the races relatively easily. The game also only contains 8 selectable characters which was a bit low for me :)

Overall this game is great and you should definitely buy it or try it as it is worth it!

Review Posted By Gamerdude On 2010-09-23 At 02:46:21

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