Thor: For Asgard #1 Review

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Thor: For Asgard #1 is a book in the Comic genre written by Robert Rodi. The book was published by Marvel Comics on 2010-09-01 and contains 32 pages. The book has an ISBN number of NA. Our users found the overall impression of this book to be Exciting.

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Plot/Execution 6.0
Structure 6.0
Writing Style 8.0
Enjoyability 9.0
Overall 7.0
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Thor in a fantasy setting

User Ratings

Plot/Execution 6
Structure 6
Writing Style 8
Enjoyability 9
Overall 7
Impression: Exciting

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The comic begins with Thor leading his army of Asgardians against a group of Frost Giants that are attacking a village. The Frost Giants are attacking the village in an attempt to gain the attention of the Gods and to ultimately get them to stand down. This is not the only group that is looking unfavourably towards the Gods and the Gods appear to not have any inclination regarding how to solve the current situation. In typical Thor fashion, he seems to believe that acting like a warrior is the best way to solve these problems.

In some aspects the art in this issue is fantastic and the images have a very heavy fantasy influence. "Godly" characters have an aura/style about them that lets you know they are "above" the common folk. I found the layout of some of the sections problematic. It seemed as though unnecessary narration was added to compensate for this fact. Whereas top-notch comics can convey the meaning of certain scenes without any dialog whatsoever, some sections here required further elaboration which I found made some of the scenes lose their impact.

That's not the say the story is bad, far from it, but I just felt that everything could have flowed better through the issue. Hopefully some of these issues are worked out in future episodes of the line. Overall, I felt this was a fantastic opening effort.

Review Posted By AllYourBaseBelongToMe On 2010-09-20 At 17:08:20

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