Jokelopedia: The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever Review

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Jokelopedia: The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever is a book in the Comedy genre written by Ilana Weitzman, Eva Blank, Rosanne Green, and Alison Benjamin. The book was published by Workman Publishing Company on 2006-05-24 and contains 278 pages. The book has an ISBN number of 978-0761142089. Our users found the overall impression of this book to be Funny.

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Plot/Execution 8.0
Structure 9.0
Writing Style 8.0
Enjoyability 8.0
Overall 8.0
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This is the biggest, best, silliest, dumbest joke book ever

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Plot/Execution 8
Structure 9
Writing Style 8
Enjoyability 8
Overall 8
Impression: Funny

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For a joke book, this is huge. It has nearly 300 pages containing nearly 2000 jokes, laugh-out-loud stories, knock-knock jokes, practical jokes, punch lines etc.. Granted, you will most likely have heard quite a few of these in your past but the chances of knowing all of them are virtually nil. Also, the book includes many amazing illustrations of hilarious looking characters which my kids found very entertaining.

Even though kids will most likely get the most joy from this book, as most of the jokes will be "brand new" to them, I would recommend that parents quickly flip through its contents as I found a few of the jokes slightly inappropriate. This is just a personal opinion as I'm sure many will find all of the jokes acceptable depending on their target audience.

For the older crowd, the Jokelopedia includes some very short biographies of some famous comedians such as Chris Rock. I found this material slightly interesting but I'm sure most children wouldn't care less. Overall, I would recommend this book for parents but would like to warn that they should be cautious of some of the source material.

Review Posted By cardy24 On 2010-09-17 At 18:52:10

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