My Weird School #10: Mr. Docker Is Off His Rocker! Review

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My Weird School #10: Mr. Docker Is Off His Rocker! is a book in the Children genre written by Dan Gutman and Jim Paillot. The book was published by HarperCollins on 2006-01-03 and contains 112 pages. The book has an ISBN number of 978-0060822279. Our users found the overall impression of this book to be Funny.

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Plot/Execution 10.0
Structure 10.0
Writing Style 10.0
Enjoyability 10.0
Overall 10.0
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Plot/Execution 10
Structure 10
Writing Style 10
Enjoyability 10
Overall 10
Impression: Funny

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My favorite book is Mr. Docker is Off His Rocker. The author is Dan Gutman. The illustrator is Jim Paillot. The characters are the science teacher Mr. Docker, A.J., Emily, Ryan, Michael, Andrea, and their teacher Miss Daisy. A.J. The setting is at school. The name of the school is Ella Mentary school. My favorite part is when they do an experiment that makes fire and his hair catches on fire.

Review Posted By GraceLesser On 2012-08-25 At 07:49:29

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